Divine Power Yoga Tips for a Divine Practice

Here are some tips that will help you, and those around you, to have a Divine yoga experience.

Please be on time.
Arriving 10 minutes prior to class gives you the opportunity to set up your practice space, visit with other students, stretch and prepare yourself for your class. Please plan on staying for the entire practice including the savasana so as not to disturb your fellow students.

Please check in at the front desk every time.
Please make this a part of your practice. This helps you keep track of your practice and for us to know you were here.

Remove your shoes upon entering.
This is a way of respecting the ancient traditions of the East and helps provide a clean environment in which to practice. There is a coat rack near the front door for coats and purses. The front door is locked during practice.

Inform your teacher about any injuries before class begins.
This is the only way for the teacher to know how to adjust you and give modifications.

Practice on an empty stomach.
In order to get all of the benefits of your yoga practice, we recommend that you refrain from eating at least one hour before class time. Be sure to bring water to practice and hydrate before, during and after class.

Purchase a yoga mat.
Although Divine Power Yoga has mats available for use we recommend, for your own personal hygiene, that you purchase your own mat. Owning your own mat is a commitment to your practice. Your teacher can advise you on the best kind of mat to purchase.

Cleanliness is divine.
Respect your body as a temple and those around you. Come to class clean, wearing clean clothes. Wash your yoga mat and towels regularly with hot, soapy water. Also, please refrain from wearing any strong perfume or fragrance to class.

Leave all cell phones and pagers outside of asana room – and turn them off.
Yoga is so much more than the poses that we do. It is a process of understanding and respecting yourself and those around you. It is the cultivation of humility and generosity and learning to set aside distractions in order to focus on the present moment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.