Divine Power Yoga Reviews

Reviews and Testimonials

We are so honored and humbled to hear such great stories from our clients. These reviews and testimonials are a glimpse of the experience you will have at Divine Power Yoga. Come visit us, and see for yourself what others have experienced.

-I have been attending Divine Power Yoga for almost five months. I have to admit I never considered myself to be any type of athlete so I was a bit apprehensive. After attending for just one week I was hooked. I attend 3-5 times a week and could not be happier. The atmosphere is so welcoming and does not put any pressure on you whatsoever. I have met an incredible group of people and words cannot describe how awesome the owner, Mary, and the other instructors are. This has had a positive impact on my physical and mental health. In addition to losing weight and inches, I feel stronger and more relaxed. Hot yoga is an intense but rewarding workout. I am so happy that I am part of this group! Come join us! – Phyllis Y.

-I have been a student at this gem of a studio since September 2011. When I began practicing regularly (2-3 times a week) I had severe plantar fasciitis. I was completely unprepared for the impact of hot yoga on both my physical and mental health. I no longer wake up in the morning, stumblling around in pain. Under the patient guidance of fantastic teachers I have also learned new ways to cope with stress at my intense job. Come join the community at Divine Power Yoga!! – Lori L.

-The instructor was very calming and helpful. After one hour I was drenched in sweat but I left happy because I have accomplished another item of my bucket list. Yoga is a lot harder than it seems and the heated room really makes it burn. – YELP! user

-As a first timer the instructor gave me suggestions to help me keep up with the other 3 girls in the class and she even made beginners suggestions for me so the other girls can do it at their pace. See the other “experts” in the room really motivated me but maybe after much more practice. The environment was very calming and there was a little treat afterward: free luna bar and joy yee smoothie next door.
– Diana M.

I was very intimidated to try hot yoga but I’m a believer. Mary, the owner, is kind and adapts the lesson to the abilities of each person in class. I wish there were more weekend classes because I enjoy it and its hard to get there with my work schedule.
– Liz F.

-Excellent facilities, philosophy of teaching and instructors. I have been taking yoga for a few years and this studio offers an inspiring atmosphere and levels of difficulty appropriate to all practitioners. The room is heated gently to improve body mechanics during the vinyasa flow and is not oppressive in the least. The environment is clean and calming and I always leave with a better spirit and feeling of well being than when I entered. -J.C.
-I have been to many yoga studios and practiced many types of yoga, and I have never felt at home like I do at Divine Power Yoga! So much so, that even after I moved, I make the journey back to practice.

The owner, Mary, is wonderfully accepting and encouraging and helps you believe anything in life and in class is possible! The other instructors bring so much knowledge to each class– progress comes quickly and is easy to see! This studio is perfect for experienced yogis and newbies alike– the calm environment and 100% acceptance and excitement to see you at class makes everyone feel comfortable!

The style of yoga practiced is Baptiste Power Yoga. The room is set at 85-90 degrees and the instructor guides you through a series of vinyasa poses– FLOW! The heat helps your body respond to your movements and helps you accomplish more in your poses than you thought possible. The Baptiste philosophy centers around balancing your mind/body/spirit and creating the flow, so no harsh directives or yelling…only focusing on your breath and your movement! And no mirrors! (If you’ve practiced Bikram, you know what I mean!)

The studio is clean and inviting. The staff is respectful and knowledgeable. What more can you ask for? Oh…I know! PARTIES! Mary plans amazing yoga-inspired theme parties– you won’t want to miss them! Do yourself a favor and try a class– you’ll be glad you did!! 🙂 – Allison H.